It’s the little things: Getting through the airport:


  1. Plan Ahead:

Check which terminal are you leaving from, your flight status and any potential delays or gate changes.


  1. Arrive Early:

Allow ample time to arrive at the airport, considering factors like traffic, parking, and check-in queues. Aim to be at the airport at least two to three hours before your flight’s departure time.


  1. Check-In Online:

Whenever possible, check-in online before arriving at the airport, this may also allow you to choose your preferred seat. Some airlines offer mobile boarding passes, eliminating searching for the right paperwork when you’re at the gate.


  1. Pack Smartly:

Pack your belongings in an organised manner to make security checks hassle-free. Place liquids, gels, and aerosols in a clear, resealable bag and keep electronic devices accessible for separate screening.


  1. Follow Security Procedures:

Be prepared, remove your jacket, belt, and any metallic objects before entering the screening area. Place your electronic devices, liquids, in separate bins for X-ray screening.


  1. Be comfortable:

Choose comfortable clothing and footwear for your journey to stay at ease during the airport process. Remember it can sometimes be a long walk to the gate.


  1. Stay Organised:

Keep all your travel documents, identification, and boarding pass in a secure and easily accessible place, such as a travel wallet or a dedicated pocket in your bag.


  1. Utilise Priority Services:

Security fast track, lounge access and speedy boarding can make this process fast and less stressful, providing a more comfortable airport experience.


  1. Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated:

Find a quiet spot to relax before or between flights. Stay hydrated to counteract the dehydrating effects of air travel.


  1. Be Positive:

Delays and unexpected situations can occur, try to remain calm and patient. Maintain a positive attitude and remember that a stress-free journey starts with your outlook and approach.


These tips should help you navigate the airport experience with reduced stress, ensuring a more enjoyable and smoother journey.